leaf tea

Leaf tea experiences a growth across the world we are able to offer an extensive range and expertise in this product category. Through our sourcing partners, blending and scenting skills and extensive range of black tea, green tea and herb and fruit infusions we are able to offer a comprehensive and high quality product variety. Packaging options available in retail box and tin formats as well as  HORECA pack formats.

Black Teas, including Earl Grey and fruit infused black teas provide a variety of different flavours and abundance of antioxidants.

Our perfectly blended green tea blends provide a range of aromas and tastes as well as important antioxidant properties in every cup.

Herbal teas and tisanes perfectly blended in house with whole pieces of flowers, fruits and herbs. The complexity of taste, aroma and healing properties have been traditionally consumed since the beginning of time are now globally trending as the ‘go to’ hot beverage.

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