Privacy Policy

Information Concerning Personal Data Processing

Be hereby informed that your personal data Administrator is Rene Coffee Pads Magmar Marcin Troczyński, zip-code 64-920 Piła ul. Rodakowskiego 94, ( hereafter called: (the “Administrator”). From 25.05.2018 you can contact your data administrator in issues related to data protection by e-mail:,,

The Administrator will process your personal data in accordance with art 6 section 1 (letters a-c and f) of Resolution of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data that repeals Directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation, hereafter called: ”RODO”), for the purposes as follows: 1) to meet the legal duty of the Administrator; 2) to exercise a legally justified interest of the Administrator, 3) to pursue or secure claims; 4) to carry out analyses of technical quality of the provided services and the quality of equipment; 5) to provide a client with the information on proposed changes to the Agreement, in this the Rules and Regulations and the Price List, on the change of the business name, address or registered office, about acceptance of a complaint and replying thereto by e-mail to the indicated e-mail address, 6) on the basis of a separate agreement for the purpose of marketing own products or services, including personalised marketing information on the basis of the client’s profile; direct marketing, as specified above, can be implemented via electronic means of communication, telecommunications end devices and autonomous call systems, for the purpose of marketing of products or services of related parties of the Administrator and his business partners,

The period of storage of personal data is as follows: 1) personal data processed for the purpose of conclusion or performance of the agreement and meeting the legal duty of the Administrator shall be stored for the duration of the term of the agreement and after its expiry for a period necessary for: a) providing customer service (e.g. handling complaints) b) securing or pursuing any potential claims arising under the concluded agreements, c) meeting the legal duty of the Administrator (e.g. resulting from the tax or accounting laws), 2) personal data processed for the purpose of marketing of products and services, in this Administrator’s own products and services and those of his related parties and business partners shall be processed until an objection thereto is filed by a person concerned; or until a person concerned has withdrawn their consent, 3) personal data processed on the basis of a separate agreement shall be processed until the agreement is dissolved.

Be informed that the persons concerned can enjoy the following rights: 1) the right of access to the contents of their personal data, 2) the right of rectification of data if the data processed is incorrect or incomplete, 3) the right of requesting the removal of data, 4) the right of requesting the limitation of data processing, 5) the right of data transfer that is the right to receive data provided to the Administrator and to send that data to another administrator; 6) the right of filing an objection with respect to data processing, 7) the right of lodging a complaint with a Polish Supervisory authority or the Supervisory authority in another EU member state of proper jurisdiction for the usual stay or the work place of the person concerned or proper in view of the venue of the alleged breach of RODO, 8) the right of withdrawing the consent at any moment (such a withdrawal shall not affect the legality of data processing effected on the basis of the consent prior to its withdrawal), 9) the right of getting response from the Administrator, presenting their own standing and disagreeing with the decisions made on the basis of autonomous data processing. The rights listed in points 1)-6) and 8)-9) can be exercised via an e-mail contact at the address as indicated above or at the address of the registered office of the Administrator, such communications shall bear an inscription: “Personal data protection”.

Categories of data recipients (entities processing personal data in the name of the Administrator) are as follows: business partners (e.g. agents, representatives, sponsors), telecommunications companies, debt collecting firms, banks, mail services providers, forwarders, client correspondence printing companies or client correspondence handling companies, business information bureaus, document archiving companies, opinion polling companies, partners providing technical services (e.g. developing and maintaining IT systems and the Internet websites).