instant coffee

For people who want to quickly and conveniently prepare their favorite coffee is instant coffee. It dissolves very quickly in hot water.

The reason for the formation of soluble coffee in the fifties was the surplus in production. Instant coffee was added to the food rations of soldiers fighting on the fronts, and after the war it spread also in ordinary homes.

Instant coffee since its inception has a huge number of supporters because it does not need an espresso machine or grinder, it is made very quickly and does not leave grounds.

Instant coffee is produced by further processing – mainly thermal, roasted coffee drying its concentrated concentrates and thus obtaining powdered instant coffee. The agglomerate is then made from it. Completely different production technology has freeze-dried coffee, obtained in a technological process based on the use of very low temperatures (so-called coffee freezing). This way, colloquially called coffee crystals, i.e. a lyophilisate, are precipitated. This is a much more expensive production process and the coffee obtained this way is considered to be much better quality and placed mainly in the premium segment.

Soluble coffee range available in multiple sachet and pack sizes. Freeze dried instant coffee is available  in glass 100 and 200g jars. Soluble all in one coffees available also  in stick 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 options and 14g sachets.

Cappuccino 14g sachet range is available in Classic, Vanilla and Chocolate. This easy to prepare Cappuccino coffee is full of flavour producing a foamy milk top, giving the consumer the perfect quick home or ‘at work’ beverage solution.

Our 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 soluble coffee sticks offer both domestic, office and foodservice supply channels the perfect instant coffee beverage.

We use the most advanced process technology and the highest quality coffee in our freeze dried product providing an everyday coffee option with full taste and aroma.

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