Coffee Pads

Our extensive coffee pad range features the highest quality blends and single origin coffees. Select from over 20 coffee types including flavoured coffee blends such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel and our exquisite single origins which include  Brazil, Malawi, Mexico and Peru.

Coffee pads are also available with BIO (Organic), UTZ and Fairtrade certified coffees.

Each pad is packed in a protected atmosphere to maintain the full freshness and aroma of the coffee. We offer multiple packaging options, including 18 and 36 count stabile bags as well as single envelope packed pads in 50 and 100 count options.

The roast and grinding process for each of our coffee options is studied and perfected to optimise the extraction process for this specific brewing system.

This ever popular single serve coffee solution offers the consumer the perfect way to produce a quick, mess free and quick cafetiere standard cup of coffee.

Coffee Pads (62mm) are compatible  for use in all  Phillips Senseo standard machines as well as  other filter coffee pad brewing machines.

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